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Computer Repair

Protech provides fast computer repair services that solves your computer problems! With Protech's fast technical support, you know we will always return your computer to optimal performance. 

Protech knows that you want fast computer repair service that you can understand. Call Protech to get online or on-site service!

Desktop & Laptop

» Hardware Problems
» Software Errors
» Virus Infections
» Malware, Ransomware & Spyware Infections
» Operating System Errors
» Wireless or Wired Network Problems
» Internet Connectivity Issues
» Software problems

PC Tune-up & Optimization

» Remove Junk Files
» Defrag Hard Drives & Registry
» Optimize Startup Times & Performance
» Security & Driver Updating
» Memory Errors
» Slow due to High CPU Usage

Remote Screen Connect Repair

We remotely view and control your computer to solve the problem just as if we were sitting at your desk.

Safe & Secure

» Customers must permit a technician to use each Protech Repair function.
» Customers can choose to terminate the session at any time.
» AES256-SHA Encrypted Connection

Computer System Setup

Set Up & customize your new Laptop or Desktop, including the computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers & printer.

» Network your home or business computer
» Customize your new PC
» Personalize your display and other settings
» Change or add software & hardware


» Setup / Installation
» Troubleshoot
» Modems
» Routers
» Firewalls, Security Gateways
» Wireless Access Points (AP's)
» Wireless Routers

Anti-Virus Installations

Protection for your Desktop or Laptop computer:

» Install Anti-Virus
» Anti-Malware
» Anti-Spyware
» Anti-Rootkit
» Anti-Adware

Software Support

Upgrade your Windows Operating System, Install a fresh copy of Windows
or support for Quickbooks or Microsoft Office products.

Windows® 10
Windows® 8
Windows® 7
Windows® Vista
Windows® XP
Windows® SERVER
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office 365
Exchange Server
SQL Server

Hard Drive Services

» Transfer files to a new desktop/laptop computer
» Clone copy of your old hard drive, including Operating System, Applications, the System Registry,    Boot info and your data files
» Recover Lost Files
» Retrieve data off of your crashed hard drive

On-Site Computer Cleaning

We will thoroughly clean your computer, inside and outside. When we are finished, we will re-connect everything and verify that all of your computer accessories are working properly.

Remote Computer Assistance & Online PC Computer Tech Support

We understand you do not have the time to bring your PC to a shop or make time for a onsite visit. That is all in the past as you can use our online service to have your problem solved virtually in the comfort of your own home or office. We can connect to your computer from our office, making it easier for Protech to fix your issue with ease and speed.