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Virus Removal

Every day Protech responds to emergency virus removal calls for customers who are being attacked by a wide variety of Internet threats including Viruses, Malware, Worms, Trojans & Spyware.

We provide you the best virus removal services, as well as detection and prevention for your computers. If you have an Internet connection, we can also provide this virus removal service instantly with remote online virus removal support.

The biggest question when opening e-mails or surfing the net is whether or not the content is virus-laden. Viruses can do anything, from stealing your personal or business information to simply slowing down your computer or network to the point of non-functionality, which is why you need the fastest virus removal services available. Protech is here to provide all of the virus removal help that you'll need.

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Protech Offers Protection for your Desktop, Server or Laptop

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» Anti-Malware
» Anti-Spyware
» Anti-Rootkit
» Anti-Adware
» Web Threat Shield
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If you think your computer is infected, give us a call at 805-239-0584

Consumer Information

Of the 794,000 complaints for poor service that were reported to the Better Business Bureau Nationwide in the last year, Protech has received none!

Our Clients say:

The service that Protech has provided for our client has been outstanding. I would highly recommend him to handle anyone's technical needs.

-Sena Baker (ARC)

Mike puts the customer first. He is very professional and insures the customer is completely satisfied. Great Job, Mike! I look forward to working with you again.

Bev - SheTech Computers