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Web Protection

Protech's Web Protection is the final layer of defense for companies concerned about the safety and integrity of their network, and the computers running on them. Rather than monitoring the files downloaded and installed by employees, it monitors web traffic to understand where they are going, and what potential risks they face along the way. Protech Web protection solutions actively prevent users from placing themselves in
danger, thus helping to protect company infrastructure.

How does it work?

Protech Web Protection solutions monitor HTTP traffic passing through a central gateway. This traffic includes the web address or IP address of the browser’s destination. The web protection gateway compares online destinations with websites defined in our whitelists and blacklists to determine whether an online destination is dangerous or not.

Realtime shield. Monitors unknown programs to determine whether or not they contain threats. Blocks known threats from running on your computer that are listed in Webroot’s threat definitions and in our community database. You should never disable this shield.

Rootkit shield. Blocks rootkits from being installed on your computer and removes any that are present.

Web shield. Blocks known threats encountered on the Internet and displays a warning. The Web shield maintains information on more than 200 million URLs and IP addresses to comprise the most accurate and comprehensive data available for classifying content and detecting malicious sites.

USB shield. Monitors an installed USB flash drive for threats, blocks and removes any threats that it finds.

Offline shield. Protects your system from threats while your computer is not connected to the Internet.


How do I get started?

Getting started is quick and easy. Many of our customers opt for the monitoring service first. This helps us build up an understanding of your current IT systems so we can work with you to improve performance.

To get set up and to start enjoying the benefits of our Monitoring Services, simply call us at call (805)239-0584 or use our contact form to request pricing information.